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Selecting the correct Tyre Warmers:

Thermal Technology tyre warmers provide an excellent ergonomic fit around the tyre. Developed with leading teams in MotoGP and World Superbike combined with the highest quality materials and production techniques.

Ensuring you select the correct sized tyre warmers is crucial for effective use.

For example, Too small and the heating elements won't get complete coverage around and across the tyre. Too large and you can risk bunching and hotspots on the tyre.

Below is Thermal Technologies suggested fitment guide. If in doubt slightly larger is better with XXL perfect for most modern Supersport 180-190 and Superstock 190-200 applications.

Thermal Technology XXXL are designed to be used with the new 200/65 & 200/70 BSB and WSBK tyres

Thermal Technology Tyre Warmer Sizes
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