Fitting SPIDER Clip-on Handlebars

SPIDER Clip-on handlebars are available in two different offsets: 42mm and 25mm with each system clamping the handlebar tube in a slightly different way.

As with tightening the bolts on the bike triple clamps/yokes it is very important not to over tighten clip-on clamps to the fork leg as this can restrict the forks movement and smooth operation. At the same time they need to be tight enough to grip securely.

Therefore SPIDER recommend a tightening torque of:

  • 9/10Nm for the Clip-on Clamp to Fork bolts
  • 14/15Nm for Tube to Clamp bolts.

Also where there is x2 bolts present it is good practice to cycle the tightening on both bolts to ensure both they are torqued at an equal rate a couple of times at least as the clamp compresses.

Plus it may sound obvious but it's good practice to ensure the fork leg, clamp, tube mating surfaces are clean and dry too!

Personally we use a very small amount to grease/lubricant on the bolts to limit stiction and seizing.

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